Discord Join Logs Made Simple!


The Prefix For The Bot Is bb!

Use it before the following commands

Text Commands


  • 2-10poll <text>– Reacts to the message with the number of emojis selected (i,e 2poll has reactions 1 2)
  • achievement <text>– Achieve your dream Minecraft Achievement
  • ascii <text>– Speak in ascii! (14 characters MAX)
  • avatar <@mention>– Get either you or a person you ping’s avatar!
  • bam <@mention>– BAM THEM ALL!
  • birb- Get a random birb img from r/birbs
  • botinfo- See Info about me!
  • brock- Get brock’s social info
  • bunny- Get a random bunny img from r/Rabbits
  • candy <@mention>– Give you or someone else a candy!
  • cat- Get a random cat img from
  • clap <text>– sPeak?lIKe?THIS
  • csgo <steamusername>– Get player stats from CSGO tracker
  • dadjoke- Get a random dad joke
  • dog- Get a random dog img from
  • embed <text>– Embed your text
  • emoji <:emoji:>–  Get a full size img of the emoji
  • emojify <text>– Speak in letter emojis
  • emojiids- List the emojis and ids on the server
  • emojis- Sends every emoji on the server
  • f <text>– Pay your respects!
  • help- The Help Cmd. (Nuff Said.)
  • hug <@mention>– Hug a user with a gif!
  • info- General Info
  • invite- Invite me to your server!
  • lmgtfy <text>– Let Me Google That For You
  • meme- Get a random meme!
  • michi- Get MichiyoIino’s social info
  • minesweeper- Play minesweeper in using discord spoilers!
  • ok- Ok.
  • oof- Should I OOF?
  • pat <@mention>– Pat a user with a gif!
  • ping- PONGms
  • poke <@mention>– Poke a user with a gif!
  • poll <text>– Reacts to the message with a ? and ?
  • qrcreate <text>– Create a QR code with the text/link you specify
  • reddit <subreddit>– Pull a random picture from your selected subreddit
  • retriox- Show the info for Retriox
  • rimshot- Ba Dum Tss
  • roleinfo <rolename>– Shows info about the specified role
  • say <text>– I’ll say whatever you want!
  • scrtmsg- I’ll say whatever you want but with spoiler txt!
  • serverinfo- Show info about the current server
  • shit- Shit.
  • site- Shows my site!
  • slap <@mention>– Slap a user with a gif!
  • slots- Fuel your gambling addiction!
  • spat- Several People Are Typing Intensifies
  • uptime- Show how long I’ve been online!
  • userinfo <@mention>– Show info about you or the person you mention
  • vg- Get Robbin’s social info
  • weather <city or zip code>– I’ll send the weather for wherever you specify
  • weed- 420
  • zach- Get Zach’’s social info

Voice Channel Commands

    • intro- Play Brock’s intro in current VC
    • ono- Oh No.
    • oldintro- Play Brock’s old intro in current VC

Bot Made by brockbreacher#1375 With Contributions From Morgan Rose#3224, Techguy9078#3835 and Yamboy#3959